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Sometimes even the biggest ideas start small. At Millar, we make it easy to integrate our patented MEMS and TET technologies into the heart of lifesaving innovation, creating breakthrough products that shape the future of medicine.

Our Capabilities

Millar OEM Solutions partners with companies to design, build and market MEMS- and TET-based devices. From prototyping to production, our OEM team can provide a full spectrum of support to bring your greatest innovations to life.

We can build out MEMS pressure sensors to various levels of completion, giving you a range of options that best fit your go-to-market strategy. Our patented TET technology is designed to easily integrate into current implantable devices, presenting more flexibility and fewer production barriers for potential partnerships.

Millar OEM Team

Millar OEM MEMS Technology - Micro Electromechanical Systems

Discover MEMS Technology

Millar MEMS integrates mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics through microfabrication technology. These high-pressure performance sensors can easily integrate with implantable, catheter-based and other medical devices, helping to drive the next wave of cardiovascular innovation.

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Improving Transcutaneous Energy Transfer

Our TET design, a collaboration between Millar and Auckland University, uses an innovative approach to wireless energy transfer, creating a safer option to power implantable devices. Our technology has been researched and tested and is currently used in pharmaceutical and CRO research laboratories worldwide. 

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Millar OEM TET Technology - Transcutaneous Energy Transfer