Leading-Edge Medical Technology

Sometimes even the biggest ideas start small. At Millar, we make it easy to integrate our patented MEMS and wireless pressure technologies into the heart of lifesaving innovation, creating breakthrough products that shape the future of medicine.

Flexible Solutions

Millar works with medical device companies at various stages in the design process and will provide a thorough report that outlines the options for successful integration. For more complex or custom configurations, design sessions jump-start the collaboration between the two companies and set the direction for what needs to be tested during the feasibility stage.

Millar OEM Team


Millar OEM MEMS Pressure Technology - Feasibility Review

Why Investigate Feasibility?

A thorough MEMS feasibility study can:

  • Identify potential issues early in the development phase
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs and delays
  • Gain insight into project scope and future manufacturing requirements



Innovating with Wireless Pressure

Our wireless pressure design, a collaboration between Millar and Auckland University, uses an innovative approach to gathering wireless pressure data, removing the challenges with current wired monitoring technologies. 

Request a Wireless Demo KitHow it Works

Millar OEM TET Technology - Transcutaneous Energy Transfer