Request a Developer Kit

Want to preview Millar’s core technologies? Request a developer kit and get an inside look at our capabilities surrounding microeletromechanical systems (MEMS) and transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) devices.


Millar offers a fully customizable MEMS Developer's Kit to test integration with existing devices and technology. Our OEM Business Development Manager will discuss potential requirements based on your current engineering lab set up. During the initial discovery call, we'll discuss size requirements, application focus, stage of product development and pressure range specifications. 

MEMS sensors, modules and cath

What is in the kit

  • Choice of sensor option (MEMS Sensor, MEMS Module, MEMS Cath)
  • 8-channel ADInstruments PowerLab Data Acquisition System with LabChart Pro Analysis software
  • Millar PCU-2000 Pressure Control Unit

Request a MEMS Kit


The TET Developer's Kit allows for testing with your developed device or device prototype. We’ll need to understand how much power is required, whether continuous or intermittent charging is needed and the expected lifetime of the device. After an initial discovery call, we can configure a TET kit to meet your specifications. 

Transcutaneous Energy Transfer - Wireless charging technology by Millar OEM 

What is in the kit

  • Primary Power Converter ((14.8V DC Input, 2.4 GHz radio transceiver)
  • Primary TET Coil (50 mm diameter coil, 7 mm thick)
  • Secondary Power Converter (12V DC output, up to 10W output power, 2.4GHz radio transceiver)
  • Secondary TET Coil (50 mm diameter coil, 7 mm thick)
  • Power Meter
  • Optional Battery Unit

Request a TET Kit