MEMS Sensor Integration Prototype Process

As part of the OEM partnership journey, Millar provides full-scale, sub-component prototyping services to evaluate proof of concept and test for device functionality during pressure sensor integration. Our process supports converting concept visions to functional pressure-sensing prototype components.

Engineering Design Sessions 

Millar is flexible in the way we work. Design sessions typically kick start the process, but Millar engineers can also take the lead and build ideas off your existing product or current prototypes. 

Design sessions work best when concepts are still early stage and require additional ideation and discussion of potential challenges and successes with each design. It provides an agreed upon approach and streamlines the process for the sensor component prototype development. Once a prototype design has been approved, Millar can support prototype pilot production lines in our ISO 13485 certified cleanroom for pre-clinical testing.

MEMS pressure sensor integration

Medical Device Prototype Design for Manufacturability

We understand how to design for manufacturability and assembly and can assess different sensor integration approaches for functionality as well as production cost. This supports reduced cost, increased quality, and reliable manufacturing processes. Millar’s full quality assurance process ensures all documentation provided to you will adhere to regulatory standards.

Millar has a strong in-house quality system that begins with early prototyping feasibility design control processes, pilot manufacturing verification and validation capabilities, and full-scale quality certified commercial manufacturing.

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Millar OEM MEMS Pressure Sensor Prototype Design

Iterative Design Cycle

Millar’s production floor environment allows for agile workflow and a quick iterative design cycle to meet monthly sub-component prototype requirements. We can quickly build components for testing concepts and run an initial feasibility analysis.

Additional engineering capabilities and resources include: 

  • PC Board development
  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks expertise
  • In-house circuit design
  • Precision in-house machining
  • Biocompatible materials selection
  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Robust design control systems


Millar OEM MEMS Pressure Technology - Feasibility Review

Cleanroom Medical Device Prototype Manufacturing

Millar conducts ISO 13485 manufacturing in our certified class VII cleanroom. This allows for end to end product development with full scalability for prototype and final device manufacturing. When it comes to sensor integration manufacturing, Millar has historically produced yields at 97%. 

Millar’s flexible environment allows for small production volumes in our cleanroom for pre-clinical pilot production during design verification and clinical trials and can scale larger volumes when ready. We also have robust systems in place for inventory and supplier management and support lean manufacturing initiatives.


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Our OEM solutions team understands the challenges associated with MEMS sensor integration and can help move projects forward through iterative prototype designs. Combining Millar’s expertise with your team can greatly reduce the cost and time to market. Connect with Millar to request a design session and begin prototype builds.

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