Millar, Inc. Announces Collaboration Agreement with AMFitzgerald to Enhance OEM MEMS Pressure Sensor Capabilities for the Medical Device Industry

Houston, TX - Millar, Inc. is pleased to announce an official collaboration agreement with AMFitzgerald to serve OEM customers seeking a complete sensor solution using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. This agreement arises from a long history of MEMS technology development between the two companies and furthers each company’s vision to better serve the growing interest in the medical device and clinical communities for increased in vivo physiologic data. 

The clinical market has experienced an upward trend of sensor integration into existing medical technologies, especially in the cardiovascular market, to enable improved patient monitoring, diagnostics and outcomes. Due to their small size, low power consumption, and low cost, MEMS sensors offer exciting new capabilities to gather in situ data at locations in the body which cannot be otherwise accessed. Pressure, temperature, motion, and flow parameters may now be directly measured. 

AMFitzgerald develops innovative MEMS and sensor solutions for specialty applications. Its primary business is in design and development of custom MEMS sensors and actuators and selection of commercially-available sensors for implementation in medical and other high performing applications. 

By leveraging Millar’s ISO-13485 quality control certification and 45+ years of MEMS-enabled product manufacturing expertise, AMFitzgerald can provide advanced and proven solutions for sensor testing, wire attach, and biocompatible encapsulation, delivering OEM customers a fully-packaged sensor module solution for medical device integration. The end result will be a faster path to market for companies that work with the AMFitzgerald and Millar teams.


About Millar, Inc.

Since 1969, Millar, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, has led the development of catheter-based, solid-state pressure sensors and is known worldwide as the leader in sensors that advance medical understanding. Millar OEM serves the medical device and life sciences industries through our MEMS pressure sensors, ISO 13485 precision manufacturing and wireless power technology, resulting in cost savings and rapid time to market for device integration.


About A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC (“AMFitzgerald”)

Founded in 2003, AMFitzgerald, located near Silicon Valley in Burlingame, CA, USA, develops innovative MEMS and sensor solutions for specialty applications, such as medical devices, scientific and industrial precision instruments, and aerospace vehicles. Full-service engineering capabilities include custom MEMS design, RocketMEMS® semi-custom pressure sensors, electronics and packaging, foundry transfer, and supply chain creation and management.


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