MEMS Pressure Sensors

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) integrate mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics through microfabrication technology. These high-performance medically proven sensors seamlessly integrate with clinical and life sciences technologies that are driving the next wave of life-saving medical innovation.

What is MEMS? 

Millar’s MEMS pressure sensor technology integrates with a wide range of medical devices and applications, providing medical innovators with solutions to deliver clear, continuous, real-time insights to improve the health of mankind. Potential applications for device integration include:

  • Cardiovascular (blood) pressure
  • Airway pressure
  • Intracranial pressure
  • Compartment pressure
  • Spinal pressure
  • Urodynamics

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What are medical MEMS pressure sensors

How MEMS Integration Works

Millar has an optimized process for integrating MEMS sensors into life sciences and clinical product applications, built on 45+ years of continuous innovation. We work with companies at various stages of product development and can leverage our manufacturing protocols and capabilities when needed for greater efficiency. Our tested process is guaranteed to improve yields and relieve the challenges of MEMS integration resulting in reduced cost and rapid time to market for device integration.

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Partnering With Us 

By partnering with Millar, you can leverage over 45 years of MEMS manufacturing expertise backed by thousands of publications across hundreds of applications. As the recognized gold standard for accurate pressure measurement, Millar technology has been instrumental in medical device validation and pharmaceutical discovery and is used routinely in advanced medical applications. Working with an established medical device company with proven technology also reduces the risk of developing and integrating MEMS technology into existing product development plans.


  • 45 years of MEMS manufacturing experience integrating sensors into medical devices
  • Design expertise for compliance to blood pressure measurement standard AAMI BP-22
  • Design expertise for compliance with IEC 60601
  • ISO 13485 certification
  • FDA registered
  • ISO Class VII Clean Room
  • Global distribution and support network

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Learn more about Millar's 25+ year OEM partnership developing a MEMS Catheter for integration into an intracranial pressure measurement device. Download the case study.

Challenges with MEMS Pressure Sensor Integration in Medical Devices

Learn more about Millar's MEMS pressure sensor integration expertise into medical devices and tips for successful innovation in pressure sensing devices. Download the white paper.


Ultraminiature MEMS Sensors for Improved Patient Outcomes

Learn more about MEMS pressure sensors, applications, and how they can be applied to the medical industry. Download the white paper.

Learn more about Millar's MEMS pressure sensor options and specifications. Customers can choose to integrate a patented Millar sensor or a 3rd party sensor of choice into their medical device. Drift specifications are based on testing to blood pressure standards. Review our MEMS pressure sensor PDF.

August 30, 2016

Granted Patent Number: US 9,429,479 B2

This Millar patented technology allows for the reading of temperature from a piezo-resistance half-bridge sensor. This technology does not require a dedicated temperature sensor.