MEMS Pressure Sensor Medical Applications

Millar’s MEMS pressure sensor integration services provide the opportunity to advance medical technology and improve patient care from monitoring patients in the ICU to real-time data during interventional procedures.

View OEM sensor integration capabilities for devices supporting FFR solutions, right heart pressure measurements, respiratory pressure, and compartment pressure.

Redefine Accuracy in Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)

Driven by the results of studies like COURAGE, FAME and FAME II, the number of players bringing Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) solutions to market continues to grow to capture the growing number of procedures utilizing FFR worldwide.  Have you considered leveraging Millar OEM Solutions to help your team get to market ahead of the competition?

Imagine how Millar’s proven pressure sensing technology can be integrated into a fractional flow reserve (FFR) pressure wire or catheter design to enable continuous, high-fidelity measurements within a coronary artery, saving you years of MEMS development work.

Medical pressure sensors for FFR applications


Considering the importance of coronary physiology for decision making guidance on how to treat intermediate lesions and multivessel coronary artery disease (CAD), it’s critical to investigate all possible enhancements to your current technology.

Medical Device Sensor Expertise

Millar has over 50 years of MEMS pressure sensor integration experience and has worked with catheters as small as .014” (1F) diameter on a daily basis for the past 20 years. Rather than struggle with stringing minute wires, developing test protocols and creating new micromechanical assembly techniques, work with Millar’s team of experienced catheter engineers to bring your device through the design control process on time and on budget.

Explore FFR device design improvements that take advantage of the proven stability and market leading drift specifications of Millar’s piezoresistive sensors. Millar's engineering team can also design a prototype to your specification for use in pre-clinical or clinical trials that will help you secure your next round of funding or help your project reach the next milestone.

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Right Heart Applications 

Partner with Millar to integrate high-fidelity data into right heart cases to challenge the status quo of fluid-filled catheterizations. Millar’s current sensor-based catheter technology can expand product and application diversity with high-fidelity capabilities, plus can enhance existing cardiovascular product portfolios. Our absolute pressure sensor design fits within a 2F (.024”) encasement and measures pressures from -50 to +300mmHg.

Millar’s high-fidelity sensor technology can reduce the following sources of error typical of fluid-filled measurements:

  • Improper transducer leveling
  • Transducer drift (lowest drift spec on the market for cardiovascular and intracranial applications)
  • Over and under-dampening
  • Movement artifact

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Possible clinical conditions to benefit from high-fidelity pressure measurements:

  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Valvular Disorders/Structural Heart
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support
  • Left Ventricular Pressure
  • Peripheral Vascular

MEMS right heart catheter applications

Sensors for Intra-Compartmental Pressure Devices

Incorporate Millar’s high-fidelity pressure sensing capabilities into intra-compartmental pressure applications for continuous monitoring in trauma patients. Ideal for acute compartment syndrome diagnosis. 

The stability of the sensor delivers reliable, accurate measurements even during patient movement. The tip of the encased compartment pressure sensor measures 3.5F (0.46") allowing easy application via standard access procedures. 

Combining the sensor with Millar’s Wireless Pressure Platform creates a potential product to re-define monitoring during medical evacuation and transport scenarios when compartment pressure trends can prevent long-term loss of limb.

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Medical pressure sensors for compartment pressure applications

Respiratory Devices and Sensors

Millar catheters have a proven track record in providing highly accurate airway and esophageal pressure data in clinical research applications. Our medical pressure sensors are available for OEM respiratory device integration to provide clinicians with reliable pressure data for medical respiratory devices used in intensive care units or therapeutic applications. The Millar sensor sensitivity of 3.68 μV/V/cmH2O (nominal) enables high accuracy in low-pressure environments.

There are several cases where continuous monitoring of pressure in controlled or assisted respiration support devices is critical to reducing complications such as skin erythema, skin breakdown, and skin pressure ulcers.

Consider how continuous pressure measurement through Millar medical sensor integration could increase the success of therapies and avoid further complications for ventilated patients.

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Medical sensors for respiratory devices