About Millar OEM

When you believe innovation has no limits, you discover a whole new world of possibilities. Millar OEM Solutions collaborates with companies worldwide to break down barriers to innovation, improve manufacturing processes and reach patients faster than ever.

OEM Philosophy

Millar was built on the idea that collaboration is the first step in making the improbable possible. That’s why Millar OEM Solutions partners with global leaders in technology, manufacturing and the life sciences — a multidisciplinary approach to bringing innovation to life.

Manufacturing Expertise

With more than 40 years of micromachining and precision manufacturing expertise, Millar has the knowledge to impact even small markets on a large scale. Our collaborative team can advise partners on the best production practices or, when necessary, lead the entire production effort.

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40 Years of Innovation

We bring more than four decades of Millar innovation and expertise in pressure-sensor technology, with our patented Mikro-Tip pressure transducer at the core of all Millar technology. Millar pressure catheters are known as the gold standard for accurate, reliable measurements, while our latest efforts in innovative wireless pressure technology promise to change the lives of millions who rely on implantable medical devices.

Medical Technology Innovation by Millar OEM

Fostering Innovation with Auckland University

Millar OEM Solutions proudly partners with Auckland University, a preeminent education and research hub and a world leader in wireless pressure applications. Together, we’re spearheading breakthrough initiatives to integrate MEMS sensor technology with numerous medical devices. Our work aims to bring lifesaving healthcare to more patients.

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Millar OEM manufacturing

MEMS and Wireless Pressure Technologies

Our OEM efforts center around a pair of core technologies: microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and wireless pressure. We are actively seeking partnership opportunities to integrate MEMS medical sensors and wireless pressure into technologies that can impact lives and change the course of medicine.

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Our Certifications

Millar OEM Solutions holds an ISO 13485 certification for quality management and quality assurance.